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Lotte World MB

A KyuWook story

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. PG-13

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9

Black - Red - White

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook, Kyuhyun/ Sungmin. PG-13

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Epilogue



Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. Historical AU. PG-13

Rainy season

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook, Yesung/ Ryeowook. AU. PG-13


Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook, Sungmin/ Ryeowook. PG-13. AU. Requested by [info]bluefireflies

A different love in spring Part 1 Part 2

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook, Yesung/ Ryeowook. Historical AU. Collaborated with [info]theclockiswrong


Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. AU. PG-13.

Perfect Imperfection

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. Sequel to Beautiful. Written for [info]yukwol.


paraSeven. Rainbow

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook, Hankyung/ Ryeowook, Sungmin/ Ryeowook. PG.

paraSeven. Senses

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. Non AU. PG-13.

paraSeven. Do - Re - Mi - Fa - Sol - La - Ti

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook, Sungmin/ Ryeowook. AU. PG-13. Written for [info]saya19

paraSeven. Beautiful

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. AU. R. Prompted by [info]theclockiswrong

paraSeven. voice - faith - water - daisies - Sunday morning

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. AU. PG-13/ R. Prompted by [info]paradox_sekai

paraSeven. eternity - desire - chastity - nostalgia - serendipity

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. PG-13. Prompted by [info]yukwol

paraSeven. At least I stil have you

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. AU. PG-13.

Drabbles. Two sentences

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook, Sungmin/ Ryeowook. PG.

Drabbles. Hate you love you

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook. Non AU. PG.

Drabbles. pretend - prey - the night

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook.

On-going projects.

In the silver moonlight

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook, Sungmin/ Ryeowook. AU. PG-13/ R.

Prologue Chapter 1

Son of a kisaeng

Kyuhyun/ Ryeowook, Sungmin/ Ryeowook. Historical AU. PG-13/ R.

[reposted post]Layout 056 : Aluminum Edge & Silver Trim
malionette wrote in fruitstyle
reposted by kyulyn
Thanks to everyone who supported my Relay for Life fundraiser! Here's a new layout; inspired by this year's kick-ass film and car releases.

Rambling XD
Have just taken a look at my LJ, and realize I haven't written anything for almost 2 months LOL.
Uh huh. So real life isn't as wonderful as expected. I've been emo and all since October started. School sucks because I haven't had any new friend. Studying is ok since exam isn't here yet. I've quitted the only club I'm in because they hurt my dignity. The guy I rejected keeps on bothering me with his nonsense, mind I tell you, he's a childish, senseless, arrogant, selfish kid. God knows why I agreed to give him a chance in the 1st place, thanks for ruining my life even more boy.
Only KyuWook and my KyuWook friends enlighten my life. Thank you all esp icecreamfilling , bluefireflies , thewindchime , aquariuslover and paradox_sekai , you really save me from sitting in a dark corner emo-ing on my own :) Oh and of course thank you KyuWook, and Twitter also, for bringing me wonderful pics and tweets full of love :x
I've delayed my series for quite a long time. One of the reasons is that I've been busy fancying over aquariuslover  wonderful series The fight about nothing. It got me hooked from the very start and forget all about my plan for an epic series, because mine is not as half good as that LOL. Anyway I'm starting on it now. Again. Wanna kill myself for saying this for too many times already but well, writer's block isn't a nice thing. It's started to get cold over here, and the setting of the series is also winter so I guess it'll be easier than writing abt winter when it's all hot and humid :P
Lyn will be active soon~ Well at least I hope so LOL

Request post.
Yeah, Lyn is back; after a long while. My entrance exam is over, so that means I finally have time to write. That's why this request post is opened XD. I wanna thank you all for reading and commenting on my fics, and this is my way of showing my gratitude to you guys. So feel free to make your request XD

Pairings: Obviously I write KyuWook, but I don't really mind trying EunHae or HanChul. Ah and MinWook, srsly I'm loving them very much :P

Preferred Rating: No NC 17 please, because I can't write porn even if my life depends on it LMAO

Preferred Length: It can be one-shot, drabbles or short series. I'm working on a chaptered one so forgive me for not taking chaptered fic request
You can just leave it all to me :P

Summary/Notes/Prompt: You can give me a prompt or just a few keywords and things you want in it. Or if there is an image/video/lyric that you would like it to be influenced by, feel free to post a link or write it here. Anything else you would like to add or if you have a question, they're all welcomed :P

I'm not sure when can I finish your request, so please be patient :) I'll try my best though. Thank you all for your support XD
All fics will be posted in lynatic_citanyl , my fic journal. You can also find my old works here XD I'll reply to your comments when the request is done :)

paraSeven. Do - Re - Mi- Fa - Sol - La - Ti.
Dedicated to my dear saya19 , this is the drabble set I promised you. Sorry for the late update, cauz' my comp broke down and I have to use the public one to post this LOL. But I have to, not just to keep my promise but also because it's been a very long time since I was last inspired XD. Hope you enjoy this :x Good luck to you with your exam and good luck to myself as well LOL.

Donor - Reminiscent - Miinah - Falling slowly - 'O sole mio - Lavender - Time to love.

1. Donor.

"Wow, your drawing is really nice, Kyu Hyun-sshi" "
He looks up from the sketches book, his eyes meet a pair of soft brown ones, that person is smiling at him beautifully. "Excuse me, but how do you know my name?"
The boy lets out a soft ah. "I forget about that. Last time I came here you were still unconscious. My name is Kim Ryeo Wook, Lee Sung Min's friend. He is, you know, your donor."
Kyu Hyun's heart, which once belonged to that person Sung Min, sinks at the word. Two weeks ago, he thought he would soon have to meet God, but now he's breathing the fresh air of spring thanks to a stranger. Rather than his name and that he died of leukemia, Kyu Hyun knows nothing about him. Even what he looks like, what did he look like. "I don't know how to express my gratitude to your friend, Ryeo Wook -sshi."
"Sung Min would be very glad if he knew his heart was given to a good person." - Ryeo Wook smiles sadly, and seat himself beside Kyu Hyun on the long bench. Both remain silent, deep in their own thoughts until the latter finally asks. "By the way, Ryeo Wook-sshi, do you happen to have any picture of Sung Min-sshi? I've always wanted to know how he looks like."
"Of course, Kyu Hyun-sshi.", says Ryeo Wook, softly. The handsome man in the photo he hands to Kyu Hyun is smiling brilliantly while hugging a pretty girl, for a second he thinks so until he realizes it is Ryeo Wook. With longer hair. "You..."
A tear drops on the picture, Ryeo Wook's, and when the boy raises his hand to wipe it off, Kyu Hyun's heart misses a beat.
On the 4th finger of his left hand, there is a silver ring.

2. Reminiscence.

"Ryeo Wook, please take this."
His eyes shift from the altar to the girl sitting across the table, Sung Min's elder sister, then to the little thing she's just pushed towards him on the table. "Is it...his/"
"It is."
"He told you to give it to me?"
"Actually" - shi pauses, looking at his eyes - "He told me not to. He didn't want to tie you down, Ryeo Wook. This is against his wish, I know, but I think it would be the best if I give it to you. This thing belongs to you and you only."
His fingers hesitantly reach the silver ring, feeling the cold metal under his touch. Slowly, he tries it on his fingers, one by one, but it doesn't fit until the 4th, and he almost cries out.
His ring finger. It fits. Perfectly.
He wasn't in love. Back then and right now, it's still the same, Sung Min is only his best friend. Always keeps it in mind, he didn't notice how much the other loved him. And cared for him. Until his last breath. Now that he knows, it's already to late.
When people ask jokingly if he is engaged, of married, even, he only smiles it off. "It's just a normal accessory...". But deep down inside he knows, there's no way it's normal.
It is his reminiscence.

3. Miinah. (Beauty)

He takes a glance at the rough sketches, and for the nth times he sees the same features. Oval face. Chiseled nosed. High cheekbones. Beautiful eyes. Ryeo Wook. He's such a beauty, Kyu Hyun think, and his heart pounds when he suddenly remember how close that gorgeous face was to his own when the other tried to fix his hair this morning. Luckily Ryeo Wook doesn't notice the flash of red on Kyu Hyun's cheeks, like he doesn't notice how often they meet these days, accidentally (not).
He has never has these feelings, especially for a boy. How nervous he is when Ryeo Wook is around and him being all fingers and thumbs for no reason. How a day becomes boring without seeing that face. How Kyu Hyun always ends up drawing him when he takes a break from studying. Might it be for his new heart? He remember reading sth called bodily memories, and somehow he has the feeling that Sung Min and Ryeo Wook used to have really close relationship. Closer than just best friends, even.Or may it be him trying to deny his own feeling?

4. Falling slowly.

"Your voice puts some of the artists to shame, Kyu Hyun ah! Really why aren't you in our Musical Department?"
He asks the first time he heard the other's singing,. and Kyu Hyun only smiled rather shyly at it. It isn't flattery at all, his soothing voice has the power to melt one's heart. And Ryeo Wook's has been melted. He isn't an extrovert person, often it takes him years to get close to someone, even Sung Min, but for Kyu Hyun it's only two months. The only exception. As if they were long lost friends, things come naturally when they're together, a strong bond has been created between those who were once strangers. Gradually it grows, until one spring day Kyu Hyun tells him he wants the relationship between them to be more than mere friendship, and sheepishly Ryeo Wook nods.Too soon to talk about true love, but it feels so right having his fingers intertwined with the other's, or simply walking side by side in the park talking nonsense at weekends...
Slowly but deeply, ha has fallen in love.

5. O sole mio.(My sun)

It should have been a perfect chance, Kyu Hyun thinks, had I not chosen that song. Italian what? Stupid Ye Sung for telling him it's the language of love or whatever; and he's also a fool to spend the whole week to learn a song in a freaking new language, and then to fail completely in confessing to Ryeo Wook. He wanted to see a happy smiling Ryeo Wook, but what he got was a teary boy mumbling something about "Sung Min ah..." It kills the mood. Apparently he isn't the most creative one, and Ye Sung isn't the only one who thinks O sole mio is the perfect love song either. He has told himself not to care too much bout the ring on Ryeo Wook's finger, but he just can't stop. So distracting, why does he have to wear it all the time if they were nothing more than best friends before?
Twice he has seen Ryeo Wook shed tears for Sung Min, and he's jealous. The boy is the sun that brightens his life with his brilliant smile, with those sparkling gorgeous eyes, with his heavenly voice and the heart of an angel. Kyu Hyun wants him to be his own. So selfish, yet now his heart is not under his control anymore.
Is there any other way to capture his heart?

6. Lavender.

Ryeo Wook calls him 3 days later out of the blue to ask if he could hang out with him for a while; and within 15 minutes Kyu Hyun is at the bus station where the other is waiting with a bunch of lavender in his arms. He doesn't tell him about where they're heading for, and Kyu Hyun doesn't ask either; but the the matter is clear right when they get off the bus and he sees a cementary. Last year, around this day, ha had a heart attack and...
"Lavender is his favorite flower. And we first met each other in a lavender field 5 years ago..." - Ryeo Wook says softly while putting the flowers on Sung Min's grave.
I assume that's why he loves it. "You should have told me earlier."
"If I told you, would you go with me?
He grimaced. "I'm not an ungrateful person."
"you aren't. But you seem to be upset about something. About me. Me and him. I didn't lie, Kyu Hyun, we were only best friends, and the ring is just a reminiscence. But if it bother you, it bother us, I'll give it back to him. And I want you to witness."
Suddenly he realizes how selfish he has been. "No, you don't need to. Sorry for being so unreasonable...I'm so stupid. So bad compared to him."
"No you aren't. Not at all.Like I said, he would be happy if he knows his heart was given to such a nice person.". He leans on his shoulders, and the other pulls him in a tight hug. The lavender scent lingers on his skin, in their embrace.
In their first kiss.

7. Time to love.

There is this and there is that, because they're both humans and no way humans are flawless, but undoubtedly they're in love. Deeply. Happily. Perfectly.They're made for each other,not just two individuals but two halves of one.
Somewhere above the sky, someone is watching over them contentedly. Once it was his wish to take Ryeo Wook's hand and bring him happiness, but now his happiness is to see him in bliss with his lover, and to know that, in their heart, he's always existed.
For them now it's time to love, and for him it's time to go...

SME, let him have some rest!
Before I was always upset about the fact that Kyu is kinda underrated and didn't have enough screentime though he's freaking talented. And now, in this comeback, when he's the eye-candy, I have other things to worry about. First, when Bonamana MV was released, I know there were a hell lot of ppl thought he had TOO MUCH airtime. Me who is VERY Kyu biased have to admit that, if my bias was Geng or Sung Minnie, I wouldn't be fond of it either. But I heard that some people bashed him on that, seriously you think that he has the right to decide who's at the front and who's at the back?
Second, I'm REALLY worried about his health. In Bonamana he has to dance a lot, I mean, lead singer and main dancer huh, I don't think he's ready for that. Let Min do the dance break and cut out that slide please, and it's not only the matter of fairness (cauz Min deserves it). Kyu's always been flawless live, I've never heard his voice cracked since I knew Super Junior; and now, look at how wrecked his voice is!!!

From 2:38 onwards, Wookie has to sing along with him in his part, which I have never seen before. GDI where is the Kyu Hyun who always sings effortlessly yet perfectly? He's sure very sick, and looks like he will collapse anytime soon. BB needs to have proper rest, and damn, EDIT OUT THAT STUPID SLIDE, I DON'T EVEN FIND IT ATTRACTIVE ANYMORE!!! If possible I think putting Min in the dance break instead of Kyu is better, I don't want to see article with Kyu and hospital anymore :((
And Kyu bb, being active doesn't mean overworking, it breaks my heart to see you exhausted like this :| Please take good care of yourself :|

Bonamana album XD

It's kinda late, but I still wanna spazz about the new album XD. AHHHH IT'S SOOOOO AMAZING >___<

The MV was a little underwhelming, but in general I think it's good. Personally I LOVE the lighting effects, it makes the MV more classy and mysterious. Other than that it's quite... boring? I don't get why they have to make an MV look so much like Sorry Sorry, isn't something brand new better? But again, the smexiness of the boys makes up for it, all of them look soooo good >__< !!!!!
I heard that Nick Bass choreographed this, so I expected something like the trademark hand-rubbing dance like in Sorry Sorry, but the choreo this time turns out to be a lil lulzy. On the whole it's good, but it doesn't give the overwhelming feeling, and some parts crack me up, like the "chicken wing dance" or the Bollywood moves. Anyway, the dance looks way more hard to practice than in SR SR, no wonder why Kyu and Teuk got hurt when practicing it :|. It kinda surprises me to see Kyu in the front and even in the dance break. He's no more the dance black hole of the group, boy has improved soooo much!!! Although, for some reason, I prefer Min in the dance break. Kyu's moves aren't as fluid as Hyuk's, Hae's or Shin Dong's, he still looks a lil awkward at it. Props for him anyway, and I hope he'll do it better in the future.
Poor Minnie has too little screentime :( Boy looks so perfectly gorgeous this time, maybe it's for the hair. And Ye Sung too, he's HOT. Talking about Ye Sung, I was taken aback when I watched the MV and realize I mistook him for Sung Min when I first listened to the song!!! His velvet voice was autotuned to the max, I can't even recognize *sob sob* Hope things will be better when they preformed it LIVE.
Now it's time for Ryeo Wook. Boy makes me go HOWJFGIWJKJFGJB every time I see him in the MV. I'm kinda used to HOT Kyu, but the sexiness of Ryeo Wook is surprisingly hard to handle :) He gets the best dance moves for me as well, and BOY PWNNNNN THAT SONG SO HARD, 2GTHER WITH KYU AND YE SUNG!!!!!!!. I'm always complaining about the lack of KyuWook on stages, but when it comes to their songs, my bias is always fed. All I heard at first is KyuWook, I swear, and it's not my bias talking. One of the reason is that I couldn't recognize Ye Sung's autotuned voice, but more important, they really rock it!!! Once again I see an album full of KyuWook's voices. You may think it's merely me bias, but take a listen to the full album, you'll get why.

First thought was they should release Boom Boom instead of Bonamana as the official single. It sounds so different, yet addictive; the kind that you can't stop replaying. But it's a little slow, so I guess it's more difficult to perform it on stage. I think they'll perform it along with Bonamana on the first stage though, like what they did with Why I like you.

Coagulation is soooo KRY-ish, as expected. Usually Kpop ballads sound almost alike, but somehow KRY's always stand out for me. It totally gives the feeling of an OST for Kdrama. I like In my dream also, it sounds so much like another KRYS collaboration XD.

One fine spring day is really really beautiful, my lullaby for sure :x. Wookie sings it with all his heart, as always, and his gorgeous voice melts my heart XD. I'd wish to see a special stage with Ryeo singing it while playing piano....ahhhhh it'd be perfect :) *wonder if it's his own composition?*

All the above are my favs for now. In short, as I guessed before, it's so much like a KRY album, and it's not that I'm complaining. I'm completely satisfied with the fact that KyuWook pwn all the songs here, it's time for Magnaes to shine >___________< LOL they have the most lines, or should I say, most of the lines in their songs ;)
The fangirl in me is satisfied with what I've heard. Can't wait for MuBank this Friday >_______<


P/S. I love you, my very dear friend Janine, for ordering me this album!!!!! *hug* I can't even describe my happiness with words, OMO *shaking and crying, ILU Janine >_<*

Comeback pic, with 10 members only :|
heheh, I'm coming back, contemporary only though, cauz' exam is still ahead :( I just can't help posting this, because right now I'm super excited about SJ's comeback. Article here The news of their comeback makes me go JGOWHFLWJFGOWSD, but I'm not sure I'm digging the new concept. LOOK AT THE PIC!!! They look so DIFFERENT, but I'm not sure I whether I mean it in a positive way. First thing came into my mind was "The color looks like ShiNee's Ring Ding Dong.", and then it reminded me of SJ-M Numero photoshoot. I SCREAM, I TELL YOU, I SCREAM, BECAUSE I FREAKING HATE THAT PHOTOSHOOT!!!!!! The first thing that caught my eyes was Hyuk's hair, and it's absolutely not a nice impression. I miss his Sorry Sorry hair, omo, even if it's black of maroon or red, it's still wayyy better than this Dracula hairstyle. And he looks like Jay with guyliner, arghhhh, Hyuk's appearance is just so wrong *though I don't deny that he looks quite hot, the arms o__o*

As usual, after that I tried to find KyuWook. Wook is spotted easily because of his new hair, and he's the only one who sits, but Kyu.... I have to look twice to find him; and I scream, again, this time in a totally NEGATIVE way. I was all like "WTF is going on with Kyu's hair???" I HATE IT, as much as I love Kyu and his forehead. My only hope is that it isn't that short, now I'm waiting for the MV to come out to have proper judgment :) As for Wook, I really need better pics to decide if I like the new looks or not. He looks kinda okay for me, but I'm not really digging the hair....Arghhh Rather than that, they look fine in general. Si Won is hot as always. Teuk is emo but it fits the mood. Hee Chul does look good. Not much about Hae since the pic isn't focused on his face, but I think he's alright, save for the pants, it looks horrible *like someone put adhesive tape on it or sth urghhh* MINNIE AND YE SUNG LOOK HOT, OMO, THEY'RE MORE THAN JUST FINE, THEY'RE GORGEOUS, I <<<<3333 THE HAIRSTYLES XDDDDD Okay if it continues like this, I think I'll die of excitement when the album are actually out LOL So, everyone is concerned about the tile "comeback as 10 members". It's quite sad, but nothing of a surprise to me. Ki Bum has been MIA for over a year, and I haven't called him "Super Junior Ki Bum" for such a long time, so I think I'll be more surprised if he comes back with the group this time. A little shocked about Kang In at first, but I think it's a right move of Kang In and SME. He needs time to calm himself, whether he's forced or not, in my opinion it's the best for him. Fans always welcome him, but who knows how haters will react? No one wants to see another Jay Park right? And more important, wherever he is, he's still a member of Super Junior, like Hae states in his Twitter:
몸은 떨어져 있지만 우리는 항상 함께라는 걸 알고있다 . 사랑이라 말은 안해도 사랑한다는 걸 알고 있다 . 하나라는 말은 안해도 우린 하나라는 걸 알고 있다.13 Even though we are far away in body, we know we are always together. Even though we don’t say I Love you, we know we love each other. Even though we don’t say we’re one, we know we’re one. 13
Isn't it touching? Their brotherhood... And Kang In sounds fine in his Fancafe update, really sad but calm. I wish all the best for him, and I bet all SJ's fans do, too. God bless you Young Woon oppa. Have you read Hee Chul's CY entry about Geng? It almost brought me to tears, so touching :). Geng is so nice that I can't even blame him for anything, even though SME wasn't nice to him, when asked about them, he only said: “Well, I can’t say it was unfair, if you like what you’re doing, it’s not like everything is going to be fair.”. Clearly it's why he's my bias, and even though he might not be considered as an SJ member, I'll still support him, and I know the boy do, too. He calls them brothers, they are BROTHERS, nothing can change that fact. I'm sad, and excited at the same time. Really really want to see how they change this time, will it be a wonderful transformation like Sorry Sorry? Just wait.

Schoolyear is going to end, exam is coming.
And Lyn is supposed to focus on studying and all, but you see, I'm here saying nonsense LOL
I have moved my fics to lynatic_citanyl, and from now on I'll post my fics there :P. I think it'll be easier if you want to keep track of my fics XD
A rather good news is that I finally have the results for my last year at high school, which means it's going to end soon!!! >_< Maths is still a shame, but in general it's quite good, and for the first time of my life I get an EXCELLENT!!! Means that the average score is 9.0/10 XDDD. Kinda proud of myself for a while, as I might top the whole grade 12 in English, before I'm faced with the poor result of my Maths *cry* Must try my best in the preparative months, and of course, the Major Exam XD
I'm really really excited about 4thjib...Ahhh...please release it soon, SME, I beg you~~~
P/S. I love my new Kyu icon :xxx

paraSeven. Senses
1. Eyes. 173 words

Kyu Hyun loves it when Ryeo Wook looks at him affectionately, his lips curve up a little and his eyes smile as well; when Ryeo Wook kisses him with those eyelashes, the strange sensation that sends shiver down his spine. He loves it when they are filled with tears when Ryeo Wook listens to him singing, and he'll kiss those tears away while whispering sweet nothings to comfort...
Sometimes, however, Kyu Hyun finds it impossible to look at those eyes. It's when he does something that upsets Ryeo Wook, his eyes tear up and he gives Kyu Hyun the questioning look that demands an explanation. It's when he's telling lies and they reflect his nervous self; and the guilty feeling doubles because he knows Ryeo Wook sees through him but keeps only keeps silence. He feels uneasy to look at him when he's enjoying someone's performance as well, call it a green eye but Kyu Hyun wants that admiring look for him and him only.
Because Ryeo Wook is his, and his only.

2. Ears.116 words

It was Kyu Hyun voice that made Ryeo Wook fell for him in the first place, that makes him love him more even though Ryeo Wook thinks he cannot fall any deeper for him. It never fails to give him chills, never fails to ease his discomfort or anger, never fails to moves him to tears when Kyu Hyun starts to sing...And when Ryeo Wook says he loves Kyu Hyun through the ears, it isn't merely for his voice. Since when he doesn't know, his ears have become the weakest spot of his body; blame it on his lover, because other than him who else can make him shudder with just an ever so gently nibble?

3. Taste. 50 words

How Ryeo Wook manages to taste so sweet all the time is still a mystery to him. Sometimes he taste of chocolate, sometimes of cherry or strawberry, sometimes it's plainly something Ryeo Wook that is indescribable, that drives him crazy and makes him wish that the kiss will last forever...

4. Touch. 155 words.

In mornings when they don't have schedule to cover, usually Ryeo Wook doesn't get out of his bed until a husky voice whispers to his ears you lazy little thing, it's time to wake up. He groans in protest, hiding his face in the pillow, and the other will climb in the bed besides him to use his own waking-up-Ryeo-Wook method. It begins at the tip of his nose, then Kyu Hyun's slender finger traces back and forth along the bridge, moves to his lips and purposely stops here for a while before making its way to Ryeo Wook's jawline, along his neck, his bony shoulder, then his bare arm; the touch lingers on his skin until he shudders in pleasure. I don't want to get up yet.
I'll stay here with you, then? - Kyu Hyun continues to draw strange patterns with his fingertips, and Ryeo Wook grabs at his hand.
Can't be more perfect.

5. Scent.130 words.

The loneliness when Ryeo Wook is away from him is almost unbearable, as he's having another sleepless night tossing around on his bed. He misses Ryeo Wook's arms around him, the way his hair tickles the skin on his face, the delicate smell of his shampoo; and even though Ryeo Wook has texted him for the nth time I'll be back very soon, it's still not enough.
He buries his face in the pillow, inhaling the rose scent of the fabric softener, something that is reminiscent of Ryeo Wook as well, because before they're in love Kyu Hyun's blankets had never been this soft. And fragrant. It smells of roses, it smells of Ryeo Wook, it smells of love.
"I miss you ;__; Come back soon."

"P/S. I love you."

6. The 6th sense. 78 words

He's always been here when Kyu Hyun needs help, from the start. Just like he's a mind-reader, Ryeo Wook knows him too well to tell when he's thirsty, when hes' bored and wants to talk, when he's tired and needs someone to lean against, when he's depressed and need someone's shoulders to cry on... And in every case, that someone always ends up being Ryeo Wook; the kindhearted Ryeo Wook, the understanding Ryeo Wook.
His beloved Ryeo Wook.

7. Senses. 64 words.

They love each other with all their senses.
With their eyes, when they look at each other.
With their hands, when the fingers intertwine perfectly with the other's
With their noses, when they brush together before they kiss passionately.
With their tongue, during their kisses.
With their ears, when they whisper nothings or sing lullabies to each other night after night.
With all their souls.